11 10 “INPUT is a great catalyst for creative thinking. This conference is the annual opportunity for storytellers of every medium to see and discuss work with producers from throughout the world. It is through these international encounters that ideas are born, refined, and shape storytellers of the future.” – Ron Hull, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications “The innovative programs, lively discussions, and diverse perspectives from around the world make INPUT one of the most inspiring weeks of the year for me.” – Moss Bresnahan, CEO of Illinois Public Media and former INPUT Board Member “I have been involved with INPUT since the 1980s – as a delegate, producer, moderator, board-member. I…always appreciated…how it builds a solid, trusting community of like-minded people who are committed to public service broadcasting around the world…. [P]eople like me are eager to see what colleagues around the world are doing as they face the same problems we all face: changing audiences, funding limitations, new forms of technology, commercial competition. Hurrah for INPUT!” – Bill Gilcher, Harmonia Band Communications, LLC “INPUT is life-changing. Debating programs among your international peers creates an intercultural experience that is unmatched by any film festival or TV market. It’s a must for public media producers who agree that access to honest, innovative and courageous programming is a fundamental human right.” – Amy Shumaker, US INPUT National Coordinator Testimonials INPUT 2005, San Francisco, Midweek Party INPUT 2007, Lugano, Midweek Party INPUT 2007, Lugano, Switzerland Venues 1) Weylin: Opening Reception, Orientation Session, Board Meeting. Weylin is the site of the iconic Williamsburg Savings Bank, built by renowned architect George B. Post, with interiors designed by Peter B. Wright in 1875. Weylin, with its spectacular frescoed dome, intricate mosaics, wooden carvings, and period décor, was recently restored and now serves as a multifunctional cultural and community hub, making it a perfect venue for INPUT 2018. 2) Williamsburg Cinemas: Screening Sessions (Tuesday – Friday); Lunch Panels. Williamsburg Cinemas is a first-run multiplex theater located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in New York City, on the corner of Grand Street and Driggs Avenue. It officially opened on December 19, 2012, and has seven theaters with stadium seating. There will be three primary screening rooms (blue, orange, white), three annex screening rooms (blue annex, orange annex, white annex), and an ancillary for special and local screenings. The annex rooms will be able to “communicate” (audio and possibly video) with the primary screening rooms. 3) Brooklyn Winery (a few blocks from the Williamsburg Cinemas): A lunch with commissioning editors will be offered on a first-come, first- served basis. The Brooklyn Winery is a local winery with an event space. They offer wine-tasting of their own line of boutique wines and exquisitely prepared cuisine. “We are… enthusiastic about being a Co-host of the conference….” Michelle J. Anderson, President, Brooklyn College “WNET is proud to serve as Co-host….” Neal Shapiro, President and CEO, WNET Event Space: Williamsburg Cinemas